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Projected Winter 2020 Caramel Litter Update

Projected Winter 2020 Caramel Litter Update

-Latest on Our Caramel Color Litters   /   Sep 2nd, 2020   /  A+ | a-
OCT 26TH UPDATE: We just wanted to give everyone on our waiting list some encouraging news. Scarlett has just past the half-way point of her pregnancy and appears to be filling out. It is still a bit too soon to tell if she is carrying or not but the early signs are looking good! We have three expecting mommas and if all goes well, the birth date of the caramel color litter will be the first to occur, sometime between mid and late November. We will make another update after the middle of next month.

SEPT 11TH UPDATE: We are excited to have observed Scarlett and Aramis, our caramel color Goldens, mating several times this week. They will continue to mate for the next week to ten days. We will not have confirmation that Scarlett is carrying pups until early November. If her mating produced pups, the birth date of this litter will be in mid to late November 2020. Hopefully, she will have plenty of pups so that most everyone on our waiting list will get to choose a puppy come Christmas, and take one home in late January.

We will announce confirmation of pregnancy with an update here in November, and the birth of the pups as soon as that day comes. Then about 5 to 7 days after the birth, we will anounce the number of male and female pups in Scarlett and Aramis's litter.

SEPT 2ND UPDATE: Good News! Scarlett (our caramel color momma) started her heat cycle this week. Her heat cycle can last for 21 to 35 days, and the fertile mating period generally occurs during the last portion of that (sometime between Sept 18th and 30th). The gestation period is 63 days which would put the birth of our caramel color litter sometime between Nov 20th and Dec 2nd. This in turn, would make the pups ready to go home sometime between Jan 22nd and Feb 3rd, 2021. This puts our projection for a take home date in early 2021 just about on target. This is the latest and best information we have as of this time. Thanks from Emery-n-Denise to everyone on the waiting list for your patience!

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