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Latest On Our Next Auburn Color Litter for the Spring of 2023

Latest On Our Next Auburn Color Litter for the Spring of 2023

-Latest on Our Auburn Color Litters   /   Jan 11th, 2023   /  A+ | a-
MARCH 13TH UPDATE ON OUR UPCOMING AUBURN COLOR LITTER: We are 100% confident that Bridgette has conceived and is carrying pups from her and Rhett. She has rounded out and we have seen her look this way in her previous pregnancy. That means her due date will be sometime on or before March 24th. As soon as the pups are born, we will make a generalized announcement on our website. Then after the pups are a 7 to 10 days old and we have confirmed they are all healthy and vibrant, we will make a second announment as to the number of male and female pups in the litter. This is when everyone on our waiting list will find out if you are getting a pup from this litter. Please stay tuned over the next 2 to 3 weeks for these exciting announcements on our Auburn color litter! 

JANUARY 15TH UPDATE ON OUR NEXT AUBURN COLOR LITTER: More Good News! We observed mating between Rhett and Bridgette this week. The schedule listed below in the previous update seems to be right on shedule, but keep your fingers crossed for more exciting news around March 15th! 

JANUARY 7TH NEWS ON OUR NEXT AUBURN COLOR LITTER: Good News! Bridgette (our Auburn momma) started her heat cycle this week. Her heat cycle will last for 21 to 28 days, and the fertile mating period generally occurs 10 to 14 days into the cycle (sometime between Jan 17th-21st). The gestation period is 63 days which would put the birth of our next Auburn color litter sometime between March 21st and 25th. This in turn, would make the pups ready to go home on or after May 26th (possibly a week later depending on the actual birth date).  If everything works out with what we are currently observing and Bridgette conceives, then those who are on the waiting list for her next liter will be picking your puppy on April 28th thru the 30th, and will be taking your puppy home starting May 26th. This is the latest and best information we have as of this time. Thanks from Emery-n-Denise to everyone on the waiting list for your patience!

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