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Get To Know Emery-n-Denise

Get To Know Emery-n-Denise

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Emery and Denise have been enthusiastic Golden Retriever pet owners for over 45 years, and it had always been our dream of becoming a quality breeder of this magnificent breed. For most of our lives we’ve lived in urban settings which isn’t very conducive to dog breeding. We raised our family on the west coast primarily because of our careers, but knew from the start after we married that we would not end up there. In 2004, we put a plan into motion and began our research on what it would take to be a quality Golden Retriever breeder. For the next two years we learned everything we possibly could about breeding Goldens the right way. We searched on Google to see what other Golden breeders were saying and doing, we talked to veterinarians, other breeders, other Golden owners, dog food manufacturers, and just about anybody who had an opinion about Goldens. Then we started planning a breeding facility that we eventually hoped to find in a rural or country setting. In 2006, our dream began to materialize when we purchased a home on 30-acres of land in the mid-west in hopes of becoming a premier Golden Retriever breeder.

We started out small and had other means of income to support our breeding business. We’ve put a lot of effort and expense into our breeding program and facilities so that we can ensure our dogs a happy, healthy, long lasting life, and so that we can offer premier puppies to private individuals and families. We’ve never sold to a broker, a pet store, or someone overseas. We feel the best policy for health and stress concerns of our puppies is to limit our sales to the final owners that are located here on the mainland of the U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii due to distance). We don’t depend on the money we make when we sell a puppy to pay our bills, only to offset our breeding expenses and to maintain and improve our facilities.

We maintain our own breeding facilities, and our own website. Everything you read on our website was written personally by us. It has always been a passion and a hobby for us, not a means of earning a living to pay our mortgage or a car loan. After retiring from our professional careers as my wife and I progress in years, dog breeding has kept us busy and active. We think this speaks volumes about who we are and how we feel about Goldens. Admittedly, we probably won’t be able to continue breeding Goldens but maybe for another 8-10 years or so as of the time we are writing this article in early 2022. But, we’ll always be Golden owners because they are like family to us.

As you read this article, perhaps some of the content may seem a little braggadocios, but if you meet us or talk to us, we think you will discover this to be far from the truth. We love people and we put our customers first. We will always talk to you even if we don’t have any puppies to offer you at the moment. We love to talk Goldens because frankly, they are the best breed of dogs on the planet. Okay, we may be a little biased there but if you’ve ever owned a Golden, it’s pretty easy to come to that conclusion.

Why do we love Goldens so much? Here are just a few things that we think make Goldens an ideal family-owned or individual-owned pet: Out of over 200 registered pure bred dogs in the AKC, the Golden Retriever holds the #1 ranked spot as the most loyal, most loving, and most people friendly dog breed towards adults, children, and even babies. When you combine that statistic with dog breeds that are ranked the smartest in the U.S., the Golden Retriever ranks #4 out of over 200 pure bred dogs. FYI, you may be wondering what breeds are ranked smarter? Well, you know those dogs that herd sheep into a pen and close the gate? They are ranked #1, and are called Border Collies. The #2 ranked breed is the Poodle, followed by the German Shepherd at #3. But when you combine the intelligence of a Golden with its loyal and loving temperament, a breed that constantly strives to please its owner, and is great with family, friends, children and house guests... well, the Golden Retriever just can’t be beat. But do they make good guard dogs? No, they don’t. In fact, when a bank robber comes to your house, your Golden will show them where you keep your money and then point the way to the kitchen so they can help themselves to your fridge! But at least you won’t get sued because your dog bit the guy! indecision

We are not your typical dog breeder. Some of our opinions on raising Goldens are quite different from what other professionals and organizations seem to emphasize about buying and caring for a dog. Here is a list of things that we think distinguishes us from other breeders:

  1. We only breed Golden Retrievers. We can’t tell you much about Border Collies or Poodles, but we’d like to think we know Goldens pretty well. We’ve owned them for so long that we’ve experienced just about everything you can go through with this breed, and we’ve learned a lot.
  2. We are not a puppy mill or backyard breeder that recently started breeding just to earn some extra money to make a car payment or remodel the kitchen.  Now that the demand for puppies has become so high and dog breeding has become saturated with inexperienced breeders, this makes it very hard to find a good breeder that knows what they're doing. We’ve been breeding Goldens (and only Goldens) since 2006. It is our passion, and it's really good therapy for for my wife and I; it's a way of life we thoroughly enjoy!
  3. We don’t keep our adult dogs or puppies in cages or small confinements. We have huge kennels with plenty of room to run. Our kennels have enclosed areas for shade and shelter from the elements, and our adult dogs sleep in custom designed, thermally insulated dog houses. Our 30 acres of land in a country setting provide ample room for our adult dogs to run around on, be happy, healthy, and safe from street traffic and urban hazards.
  4. Our puppy nurseries are well-maintained, indoor spaces that are very large and temperature controlled. This allows the puppies to run around playing and chasing each other to get plenty of exercise while they are growing. This is vitally important while puppies are developing their coordination skills and for healthy leg muscle development.
  5. During the first two weeks of each puppy’s life, we use a technique called Early Neural Stimulation (or ENS) developed by the U.S. Military and NASA to help balance the temperament of our puppies, to make them less stressed and better adjusted to human interaction and handling, and more calm overall. This technique results in dogs that are better suited for service, personal therapy, and special needs children and adults who may have conditions such as PTSD, ASD, or ADHD.
  6. We provide a 1-year, money-back, conditional health guarantee with our puppies. You will also receive a wealth of knowledge from us to help you during your puppy ownership. If you call us, we can and will help you with just about anything relating to Goldens. We think you will find this and invaluable service for you and your puppy instead of running to a veterinarian and paying a hefty bill every time your puppy exhibits unusual behavior or symptoms.
  7. When you get on one of our waiting lists for a puppy, you will actually create a “customer account” with your own username and password that you can login to and keep track of where you are on our list. This way, we don't keep you in the dark about your status. You can keep track of your deposit, what number you are in the picking order of your puppy, and all the particulars about your puppy purchase.
  8. Unlike some breeders, we won’t advise you to get your puppy spayed or neutered until it is at least 2 years old for health reasons. We’ve written several articles (here, here, and here) on this subject, and all Golden owners should read the findings of our research on this vitally important health topic.
  9. Our adult and puppy dog food choices are excellent and carefully selected for nutrition, healthy development, and health maintenance. There are a lot of cheaper dog foods out there to feed our dogs and puppies but we think you are what you eat and spending a little more in the short term will definitely pay off in the long-term. We’ve also written a couple of articles on dog food to help you decide what will be best for you and your puppy (here and here).
  10. You may not buy a puppy from us and we may not have a puppy to sell you when you contact us, but we will still talk to you and try to help you with your search for the right breeder that meets your needs and situation. We can be a wealth of knowledge for you to pick our brains. We won’t pressure you to buy from us, but we think after talking to us you will be better equipped to make a well-informed and intelligent decision about buying a Golden Puppy.
  11. When we retire one of our Goldens, they remain a part of our family of dogs until we loose them to old age. Isn’t this the way it should be when your heart is so attached to a dog? We think it should be.
  12. A couple of years ago, the prices for puppies of all breeds of dogs shot up through the roof. Some have labeled this price hike the result of, “supply and demand” because the public’s demand for puppies has increased dramatically. We have another name for it, “price gouging,” and we have tried to keep our prices down. In fact, some people have called and asked us if there’s something wrong with our puppies because our prices are not as high as what the going rate has been since the 2020 pandemic that created the high demand.
  13. We perform laborious computations of: (1) the coefficient of inbreeding, and (2) ancestor loss coefficient. These two factors consider the pedigrees of a male and female dog for 5 or 6 generations (128 dogs) on each side to determine if the adverse effects from inbreeding could possibly result in unhealthy puppies with possible genetic issues. All our adult dogs that we mate together have been carefully selected to insure that these two factors are ideally suited to produce happy, healthy, long-living puppies. We think every reputable breeder should do this, but very few do. For more information on this, please have a look at our blog article which can be found here.
  14. When you take your puppy home with you, we give you quite a few things that will help you get started with raising your new furry family member. You can see a list of what you get with your puppy purchase by clicking here.

We feel it is important for every person or family to find a reputable breeder. When you’re paying thousands of dollars for a puppy, you want the puppy to live long and die of old age, not some health defect or debilitating disease. Finding a quality breeder who is reputable has become more and more difficult, as opposed to finding one that is doing it so they can quit their day jobs, or buy a new mini-van for their family. But the key to finding a good breeder is to spend a lot of time searching, talking to perhaps 3 or more breeders, and asking a lot of questions before placing a deposit or buying a puppy. We wrote an article (here) that might help you accomplish this.

So, do your research but also remember that a good and reputable breeder would also be naturally concerned with the homes their puppies will be going to. When you talk to us and are getting to know us, we are getting to know you as well. We consider our breeding business somewhat like an adoption agency and we want to make sure individuals and families have considered all the responsibilities and sacrifices of bringing home a 2 month old puppy. It’s not an easy process and those who are desiring a puppy should go into it with both eyes wide open. We wrote an article (here) that will help you think about all the things you should consider before buying a puppy.

So, what kind of things give us the best impressions about the homes our puppies will be going to? Well first, spend some time getting to know us before you decide to get on one of our waiting lists. You score big points with us when you've looked over our website for more than just a few minutes. We admit that it will take some reading and studying to figure out what’s going on, but this is how we develop confidence in you… and it shows us how much thought and time you are putting into this very important decision of getting a puppy. Read some of our blog articles and familiarize yourself with who we are and how we feel about Goldens. Now this next statement may pinch a little so please accept our apologies in advance if we step on any toes…

If you found us on Facebook or Google and saw a phone number, you may decide at that point to call or text us. Or, perhaps you filled out a Contact Form on our website. Many times this happens and the person asks if we have any puppies available and how much are they? When this happens, our immediate impression is (although it may not be entirely accurate but it’s all we have to go by): The interested party probably hasn’t put much time or thought into the idea of getting a puppy. Maybe they don’t really care where they get a puppy just as long as the price is right and it is as soon as possible. Maybe a birthday is coming up for one of the children in the family, or perhaps they are hoping to surprise a girlfriend or boyfriend with a puppy as a gift. They may feel like this would make a much better impression than an X-Box for the kids or flowers, dinner, and a movie for the friend… We can’t argue with anyone about that because a puppy is an incredible gift to make someone’s heart be filled with joy and excitement! But these do not describe an ideal family or individual for one of our babies. In fact, we usually won’t reply very quickly to a text message or email that asks if we have any puppies available and how much are they.

We also get a variety of phone calls every week and the caller usually says one of the following to us: (1) “Your website is amazing! It's very informative, and we can tell you love Goldens and put your heart and soul into breeding them!” ...or perhaps this, (2) “We’ve been to your website and frankly, it is a little confusing and we just want to know what’s available either now or in the upcoming months, and how much are your puppies?” Calls like the latter of these two tell us they probably do not like to read that much because the answers to those questions are clearly and boldly shown on the very front page of our website. So again, we encourage everyone to put a little more thought into the idea of getting a puppy before contacting us. Then, read and study our website for more than just 5 or 10 minutes and talk to several other breeders as well. We know your time is limited and valuable, we get that… but, we too only have so much time to give to all the people that reach out to us. And so, we hope it is understandable about the discretion we use in deciding who we give our time and attention to. Please don’t be mad at us for saying these things, because we love you, we just want what's best for our puppies!

Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful wife for all the hard work she puts into our breeding program. She is more of a, “behind the scenes” contributor to our operation and she is phenomenal. To give credit where credit is due, she is the mid wife to every litter of puppies born from our adult dogs. She performs ENS (mentioned earlier) to the puppies for the first two weeks. She cleans our adult dog’s teeth and grooms them. She helps me with our dog kennels every day of the week, and it is a lot of hard work, but a labor of love. When I try to give her kudos for all her hard work she says, “Oh stop it! I am just doing what I love to do and I get so much out of this… it's way better than psychiatric therapy that you have to pay for just to lie on a couch!” And, she is the most beautiful creature on two legs… I simply adore her. Thank you my dear partner and wife, Denise.

Emery-n-Denise’s Golden PuppiesTM

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