Meet Our Blonde Puppy Icon Light Blonde Sire and Our
Auburn Puppy Icon Auburn Dam of the BSP Litters:

Breeder's Special Pick (BSP) Golden Retriever Parents
BSP litters are from our light blonde sire and auburn dam. Their pups range from light to medium golden at birth and will darken slightly as adults.

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Our Light Blonde Golden Retriever, Aramis

Aramis is our light blonde male Golden Retriever that we acquired as a puppy in May 2018. We were so impressed with his appearance, health history, and pedigree and decided purchase both him and one of his sisters who we named Arianna. He is a purebred AKC registered Golden, he has a silky fine coat, and has a medium build for a male Golden weighing 65-70 pounds (pictured to the left). He is very smart, has an obedient temperament, and loves to give and receive affection. We are very pleased with his appearance as a classic Golden Retriever that everyone desires in a Golden. We call this pair our Breeder's Special Pick because we think they make the ideal parents for litters that produce healthy, happy puppies and will bring many years of joy to their owners. He is very inteligent, obedient, learns very quickly, energetic temperament, and he loves to play ball (fetch). His coat is a thick and ultra soft, lionsmane, with highlights and variations consistent with traditional American Golden Retrievers. Aramis's Pedigree

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Our Auburn Golden Retriever, Georgia

Miss Georgia is Aramis's purebred Golden Retriever girl friend that we kept from one of our auburn litters back in 2021. She is a deep, rich auburn color Golden with a very thick coat, and a medium-sized head (pictured to the left). She has all the ideal qualities that we look for in a Golden; generations of excellent health history; quick to learn intelligence, extremely affectionate, and a classic Golden appearance. Georgia loves to be cuddled. She is AKC registered, 60-65 pounds, and very playful. She listens very well and has a spunky, playful temperament. Georgia is the kind of Golden that every breeder is looking for and we would love to have many more just like her. She and Aramis really enjoy each others company as mates and produce beautiful pups. Georgia has documented CHAMPION BLOODLINES in her AKC Pedigree. Georgia's Pedigree

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